[GVG-240] The lustful employee sister and the lucky black guy

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[GVG-240] The lustful employee sister and the lucky black guy

A sneaky sex movie of the girl Maki Houjou She always likes new things, especially those with big boys, so the lewd female employee Hojo always wants to work with friends whose husbands are black. Going to a friend’s house to sign a work contract, the couple was drinking beer to celebrate the wife’s birthday, so she joined them. After a while, her friend felt a headache, so she went to the room to rest, not long after that, the black husband because of his poor drinking capacity, also fell asleep at times, only Hojo was still very awake, this time lust. appeared, so she pulled out the other guy’s penis to satisfy the climax. Until the next day, when her husband went to work, he came to her house to express his feelings of happiness because of what she had done the day before, which made her very shy but could not hide it. lust in her body, so she continued to bj for the other guy. The next day, she went to sign a new contract with a new partner and the story happened almost the same as her original story. Until one day, both black guys happened to come to Hojo’s house together because what she did made them feel very interesting and then their love triangle also happened at her house.

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