[JUC-239] Her husband’s colleague is his ex-lover

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[JUC-239] Her husband’s colleague is his ex-lover

An adultery sex movie of Michiru Sakura, Michiru and her husband’s life is very happy, the husband goes to work at the company every day, comes home at night to take care of the family and the wife takes care of building a home and taking care of her family. take care of housework. Just like that until one day, because he wanted to make it easier to travel and exchange work with a friend, the husband decided to move to a new house near the company. Unexpectedly, her husband’s friend and Michiru’s unforgettable ex-lover lived right next to their house. Even though he had previously left her for another woman, her feelings for him were still very deep, and memories came flooding back that made her constantly think about him. Once when her husband asked her to go to the company to pick up something, Michiru accidentally met him again. She was so emotional and could not control her emotions, she asked him to do it with her again…

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