[JUC-696] Lustful perverted father fucked his daughter-in-law on her wedding day

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[JUC-696] Lustful perverted father fucked his daughter-in-law on her wedding day

A secret sex film by Momoka Nishina. Although he is old, his perverted father-in-law has a child-like personality and is still interested in sex and very mischievous tricks. After his only son brought his girlfriend home to meet him, he began to hatch dark plans from the moment he saw the plump, pink body of his future daughter-in-law. Without hesitation, the next morning he decided to visit his son, but at the same time he was not at home, there was only his helpless girlfriend in the apartment. As soon as she brought the water to continue talking to her future father-in-law, he quickly rushed in, grabbed her breasts, and raped her, leaving her unable to resist. She was controlled and tied up on the bed by him and then used strange sex toys brought from home to play with her pink pigtail. When she got tired of playing, he forced her to have incestuous sex. After that time, she intended to tell his son everything, but because she still loved him very much and it was right at the time when he announced the beautiful day for the wedding, she remained silent and let it go. It seemed like everything just stopped there, but no, the day she wore her wedding dress was a bad day and the same thing from before continued to happen again. This time he continued to humiliate and toy with her with his strange sex toys. And yet, on the wedding night, he was so miserable that he invited his best friend to rape his daughter-in-law together.

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