[JUL-582] Lacking affection from her husband, the wife finds joy from the gym coach

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[JUL-582] Lacking affection from her husband, the wife finds joy from the gym coach

An adultery sex film by Karen Sasahara Three years after getting married, Karen and her husband’s relationship became increasingly worse because her husband was always busy with work and faced a lot of pressure from his superiors. In addition to doing housework, Karen also goes to the gym to help improve her figure. The more she practiced, the more energetic she became and the more her sexual desire increased. Her husband always used the excuse of being tired, so they had not had sex for a long time. The coach also seemed to realize, he continuously touched her sensitive areas, kissed her and wanted to go further. She refused, but her sexual desire was so great that she could not control herself and was immersed in the pleasure that the coach brought, something her husband could not give her. After her job stabilized, her husband paid more attention to her. He gave her the flowers she liked most and thanked her for always being by his side during the most difficult days. But everything was too late, the feeling of happiness that the coach brought made her unable to forget. A few days later, when her husband returned home, the house was deserted. He called her but she did not pick up. Sitting and waiting for her to return, unbeknownst to him, the wife he always loved was happily lying in the arms of another man…

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