[MIDE-928] My dream comes true when I get to fuck a young police officer

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[MIDE-928] My dream comes true when I get to fuck a young police officer

An emotional sex film about Shouko Takahashi, a female investigator who always likes to work alone and doesn’t think carefully. During the arrest of boss Kiyoshi, she did not foresee everything and opened fire, injuring several subjects, causing fierce media condemnation. The superiors, wanting to appease the press, released Kiyoshi and disciplined her for 15 days. After the disciplinary period ended, Shoko continued to monitor their new base. This time, wanting to prevent her impulsive actions, her superiors sent Sano to assist and also supervise her. In the middle of summer, the superiors intentionally made it difficult to install air conditioning, and the monitoring process made no progress. Shoko gradually lost consciousness due to the heat. She took off her bra to cool down, but didn’t know that the sweat and thin shirt made her huge breasts appear completely before Sano’s eyes. Even though she really wanted to, because Shoko was famous for being strict, Sano didn’t dare do anything. But when he woke up, he discovered that Shoko was kissing him, making him no longer shy. The two rushed into each other, madly making love for seven days to forget the heat of this summer weather…

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