[PFES-006] Because of me My wife has to be my boss’s secretary and mistress

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[PFES-006] Because of me My wife has to be my boss’s secretary and mistress

An office sex movie of Marina Shiraishi. Head of Department Abe seems to have a grudge against me, every project that I propose is rejected by him without good reason. Once we went out for a drink, he wanted to come to my house. He was constantly rude to my wife, Marina. When he went to the bathroom, I immediately spoke ill of him to his wife. But I didn’t expect him to hear it all. He got angry and wanted to move me to some remote branch. I was asked for love by Moriyama-san, and he also agreed not to investigate on one condition, that my wife had to come and act as his secretary. I told my wife, I wanted to refuse but she agreed. And then he used the job of firing me to force Marina to wear the embarrassing things he gave him, forcing her to have sex with him. But the feeling of happiness he gave her, which she had never felt in me, gradually changed her. She wanted to have sex with him more, not as forced as before. The needle in the bag for a long time also came out. When Iwagana-san returned to the company, he caught and photographed the two people having sex. I received the photo and was shocked to learn the truth…

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