[SHKD-445] Because Rin Sakuragi’s husband agreed to be raped by the Boss

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[SHKD-445] Because Rin Sakuragi’s husband agreed to be raped by the Boss

A rape sex movie about the family of Rin Sakuragi, her husband was promoted to manager, the guy was happy to have his boss come home to celebrate, when he arrived at the boss’s house he was extremely surprised. When he saw that his lowly soldier had such a beautiful and obedient wife, depraved plans were also starting to appear in the boss’s brain. Coming up with plans to stay at this manager’s house for a few days, he continuously looked for opportunities to approach the guy’s wife. And then the best opportunity appeared, that night, while the guy While her soldier was taking a shower, the man quickly ran into the room, pinned her down and raped her. She resisted fiercely, but the boss threatened to terminate her position and fire her husband, for fear that he would lose his job and not have a job. She had to close her eyes to let him stop her. Although it was only about 30 minutes, it was a short time for the boss to humiliate her and cause her to be miserably raped. However, she did not tell her husband about it and instead secretly cheated on her with her boss until one day the husband caught her riding a horse on the boss’s arm and he could only stand helplessly and watch in tears.

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