[SSNI-718] The love-hungry boss and the gentle young employee

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[SSNI-718] The love-hungry boss and the gentle young employee

An office sex movie of Minami Kojima, a talented and successful businesswoman who, at only 20 years old, held the position of director of a large company. In contrast to that, Yamada is a clumsy, slow employee who always fails to complete assigned work on schedule. On the occasion of preparing to sign a contract with a partner, due to personal reasons, female secretary Sato was unable to participate. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for employee Yamada to advance and develop himself and his work after the female director decided to send him along. With his efforts, it was finally great when the contract signing was a complete success. To celebrate this success, that night the two of them went to a party and drank a lot of wine. . Once the alcohol was absorbed, the two began to flirt with each other and go to the hotel they had previously booked. Here, Kojima seemed to turn into another person. In her drunken state, she continuously seduced and propositioned Yamada, forgetting that she was married. , this was too much for him to bear, so things that shouldn’t have happened between them that night.

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