[WANZ-878] The sad love story of an employee and a beautiful female boss

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[WANZ-878] The sad love story of an employee and a beautiful female boss

An office sex film of a girl named Julia who has worked for the company for seven years. She is assigned to be in charge of Kato-kun, an employee who is full of passion for his work. Kato is always energetic and hard-working, so he has won JULIA’s affection. JULIA is engaged to Ueda-san, a senior of hers at the company. The two have decided to get married next month. But the closer she got to the wedding day, the more she discovered other sides of Ueda-san. He is selfish and patriarchal, wanting her to quit her job after getting married to stay at home and be a housewife. That night, when she went to a party with her subordinates. Because Kato was too drunk, JULIA didn’t feel comfortable letting him go home on his own. She rented a room for both of them, but unfortunately the hotel only had one room left. The woman he always admired now had to be the wife of a bastard who didn’t know how to appreciate her. Kato hugged JULIA tightly, wanting to give her everything he had, wanting her to know he would bring happiness to her. You, not that bastard! Although JULIA refused, deep down she was very happy. She also appreciated Kato’s feelings, but she couldn’t let things go too far. She couldn’t be with him, but this time was her happiest time and she would keep it deep in her heart, never forgetting it.

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