[XVSR-012] My sister Ai Asakura is a very lustful girl

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[XVSR-012] My sister Ai Asakura is a very lustful girl

My younger brother, Kami, went to the city to study and live with me to reduce the burden of money sent by his hard-working parents in the countryside. Kami is very cute and obedient. After just a few years of not seeing her, she went from being a little girl who often cooed for candy to now a tall and beautiful young woman with many boys chasing after her. The two brothers lived together in harmony, always filled with laughter, and just like that, I developed a romantic relationship with my brother without even knowing it, until one day… I took my underwear. of his sister to masturbate, Kami just came home from school and saw it.
Kami knew that his brother did not have a lover, so he had a very high sexual need. He loved him. The younger brother decided to “open the way” for his brother, but the young man refused several times. But that night, the older brother walked into his sister’s room and at that time, Kami was not… dressed… and whatever happened happened…

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